Monday, 21 December 2009

Short Memories

Every year at this time, a favourite topic of conversation is the weather. Well, in this part of the world it's a favourite topic at all times of year really. But every year as Christmas approaches, southern folk bemoan the fact that summer hasn't yet arrived. "Oh, well," I say, "we never get much summer weather until January or February."
"Oh, but it's never been this bad before!" is the response, every year.

Yes, it is frustrating waiting for the warm weather to arrive, especially if one is into gardening. But we should be used to it by now.


  1. Hello Sir!
    Greetings from India..
    came across your blog, while surfing through blogs on nature..
    Here in India we have winters, summers are far away(May and June):)
    Any way hope New Zealand gets its sunshine and warm weather soon!
    Best wishes, wishing you and your family a Very Happy New Year..
    Best regards,
    RP :)

  2. Hello, RP
    I expect your winters are not cold by our standards!
    A very happy New Year to you and your family as well.
    Kind regards

  3. Hello!How are you sir?!
    Well i am sure your winters are dreary!!!
    But to tell you, here in India too the winters tend to get really cold!, especially in the northern region where I live. The temperatures here go pretty well below the freezing point(down to -7 degrees at times!)
    Yes the Southern and Western parts of our country do not have winters. The climate there is of the continental type. So people from these regions usually come up north to enjoy the snow and 'winters' per say :)
    Hope you have a great day !
    Best regards,